Miroslav Kaňa, chef of Veselá vačice:

Passion for Asian cuisine, the practice of American cuisine and the courage to experiment and try new things. Mirek's way to Chef's position was not quite equal, but it is easy to read why the kitchen is now in Vačice where it is.

"I had a toothbrush to brew it, we got it in my family, so I went to the High School for Food and Services, Charbon, in Brno."

Already during the study, Mirek charmed Asian cuisine for its simplicity and variety. It is known both at the Veselá Vačice lunch menu and on the evening menu, where classic Asian dishes and variations and fusion elements appear. "I do not care if it comes to Japan, China, Thailand, India or even Arabic cuisine. I like to Familiarize with new exotic ingredients, sacrificing a lot of time to get those less available, and what you can make yourself, that's what I make Asian gastronomy is a wonderful refinement of the directness of preparation combined with tastes we do not know about in Europe. "

Practice in camp kitchen in West Virginia, USA, where Mirek cooked a total of four seasons in the summer, may seem like a diametrical departure from the Asian path. But for the young chef, it was a new experience that he would never have gained in the Czech Republic. "I learned to bake large pieces of meat, roastbeeffs, barbecue, burgers, and hot dogs, and I also sneezed in Mexican cuisine." The greatest praise for him was the words of a seventy-year-old grandfather: "I have been driving for fifty years, but I have never had a good barbecue like you!"

This praise came a few weeks before Mirek came back from the States and joined the cheerleader in Veselá Vačice. And he started to learn what he learned and what he enjoyed. What he tried to themselves, it also advises others: "Do not be afraid to experiment and try new things. Sometimes you might burn off and anyone not eating everything, but every encounter with good quality food and you refined taste."